A New Beginning

{As a pre-cursor, I wrote this a while ago, but didn't finish it. I tried out months ago, but I wanted to keep it in the same language as when I had just written it. Enjoy!}

Last week while on my usual stalking rounds on my computer at work, I stumbled upon an ad for auditions for a group called Noteworthy. I'd seen them preform a few times; Once outside the WILK between classes, and the other on a reality TV show aired on NBC called "The Sing-Off". The group is made up of 9 ladies, all attending BYU, and all LDS.

When I came across this ad the date was Sept 1, and the tryout was on Sept 3. Anyone else you probably know would say that's not enough time to get ready but with my personal motto always with me (If you never try, you'll never know) I knew I had to at least go out and give it my all. That very next day, I signed up for a 6:50 audition time and went in and sang my song, not thinking much of it, but checked my email at the pre-appointed time, and saw that I had a callback!

The next day callbacks started at 9am. Being a naieve as I was, I thought they were going to last maybe and hour or 2, but when 1:00pm rolled around, I knew I was severely mistaken. After the final cut there were 7 of us left, with 4 spots to make it into.

{Now, I should probably go over my thoughts at this point with you. Before we started call-backs and all the girls were there, the Noteworthy ladies were talking about all the amazing experiences they had had as a group. They were on NBC's The Sing Off, went to Hong Kong, and travelled all around the country to sing! I seriously didn't know they were that big of a deal, I had heard they were on The Sing Off, but I didn't really think they were that well-known. As we started learning at call-backs I realized that maybe I could do this! I don't usually doubt myself, because I don't get my hopes up in fear that I'm going to be disappointed. But, sadly that was not to be the case with this group. As soon as they started talking, being themselves and teaching the choreography I knew I wanted in, and there was no turning back!}

When there were 7 of us left they told us to go home but keep our schedules open so we could come back for an interview. I went home and told my roommates all about what had happened at tryouts and they were as shocked as I was! None of us really knew what I was getting myself into. I didn't know how long it would be until my interview, but I decided to go out to the pool with all of my roommates. We were out there for about 15 minutes when they called and asked me to come back in about an hour for my interview.

Now, the interview, actually isn't called an interview. It's been officially named "The Circle of Intimidation". It's really the perfect name because all of the current members of the group sit down in a circle around you and ask you questions. The ask you about your major, something about yourself, your love life, etc. While you are answering the questions they all just STARE at you. At the end they have you pick a favorite hymn and I chose "Lead Kindly Light". We all sang it together Accapella (of course) they hummed the harmonies while I sang the melody. After we ended the song, they told me I could leave and they would call me later to let me know if I had made it.

At this point I was COMPLETELY exhausted. I came home though and was supposed to go to the BYU football game with my two roommates. We piled in a car and headed over to the stadium. While we were there I realized that I had forgotten to charge my phone the night before, and it was about to die. Mind you this was the worst thing that could possibly happen considering they were going to call me about my tryout. {For some reason I thought that if I didn't answer or something they would give my spot away...} As soon as my phone wouldn't revive I couldn't take it any longer and I left the game. I plugged my phone in and there had been no missed calls or texts. At this point I was getting a little discouraged, but then I was also very confused. What exactly does "later" mean? Sometimes my phone doesn't record missed calls if it's turned off, maybe they called I just don't know! What if they have my wrong phone number?

As all these thoughts are rolling around in my head I realized that I had gotten Kelsey's (The director) number just in case. So I started to text her "Hey Kelsey! This is McKenzie from tryouts today! My phone died..." and in the middle of my text I started to recieve a call from "Noteworthy" {That's what I had Kelsey's phone number under}. I answered it and it indeed was Kelsey.

Kelsey: Is this McKenzie?
Me: Uh huh
Kelsey: This is Kelsey from Noteworthy.
Me: Uh huh
Kelsey: I have a question for you!
Me: Uh huh? {Yes, I know I sound like a stammering idiot which I totally regret now}
Kelsey: Would you like to be in Noteworthy?
{After this I just kept saying dumb things like: Are you serious? No way! You're kidding me! I really should have written something out.}

And there you have it. I am officially part of Noteworthy. I guess now I have been a part of the group for about 2 1/2 months. I have learned so much from this group of girls and the
performances that we have gotten to do. I know it's a little late to put this on here, since it was a few months ago, and I haven't blogged in a really long time, but I feel like this is going to be a very important part in my life. And that is what this is all about, right? Sharing things that are important to me? Well there you have it, I love NW, and hopefully you will too!

Here is a bit of the fun I've been able to have with them in these past 2 months:

Singing outside the WILK

Singing our way around the strip in Vegas! (We made $80 for singing 3 impromptu songs!)

Here is lovely picture Titi (Katie) took of all us "try-outers" {There I am in the back!}

Singing "How Great Thou Art" at the Sweet Adaline Concert

Dear Sweet Katie who can fit her whole fist in her mouth. :)

Met Senator Orrin Hatch {and I TOTALLY knew who he was!}

Lizzy {or Lizz-tron} with her gorgeous natural locks.

Sometimes we are famous enough to be on grocery store marquees!
{On the opposite side it said something about the "Hump and Bump" on Saturday at 7. ???}

Our trip to Boise. One of the BEST experiences I've had.

The BEST part: Having cute little fans that know you by name and want you to sign any scrap of paper they can find. Makes me ego grow a little.

And that is what I have been up to. If you want to hear us come perform sometime, just leave a comment, become a fan on facebook, or check out our website for more info!