If you know me at all, you know I LOVE birthdays. So, in honor of my love of birthdays I will be making this:

And if your birthday is coming up, you may just be receiving it from me.
Happy end of June!
(Pictures to be posted soon)


Forbidden Love

He was my little sister's EFY counselor and he came to visit me while I was working at the Bean. I ate lunch with him every day that week--using my little sister as an excuse, of course, and he visited every day--using my little sister as an excuse, of course. Lucky for me, that Friday was my 19th birthday and like the gentelman that he is, he wrote me a poem. It included all the parts to make girls swoon (a confession of love, rap-like rhymes, reference to future dates, his phone number, etc).

As it so happens, we've kept in touch and this year, I was lucky enough to get the same thing. Here are two (out of 12!) of my favorite stanzas:

My three favorite things:
Sports, Sports Center and Mountain Dew.
But don't worry, in fourth,
is you, my boo.

So enjoy turning 20.
I hope it's simply the best.
Maybe I'll spend 21 with you,
And 22, 23, 24 and all the rest.

Mountain Dew rhymes with boo?! Who knew?! (ha) Did I mention he lives in Hawaii?