Meet one of the people that has changed my life, for good, forever:

His name is Matt Relei. You could never find him without a smile on his face, a protien bar and at least one bottle of Gatorade. He's famous for his kindness, portrayed here (amid my moaning and groaning--skip all that). He's showed up at my house with all kinds of fun things at the most random times: Sombraros, fake flowers, kites, peeps (Most people hate them, but he knew they were my favorite) and even flowers for me on our first date. Who would expect this from a big, bad BYU football player? Definitely not me.

The best part is, under all that fun stuff, he has the most REAL testimony. He didn't get it from his parents. He has searched, prayed, looked, thought and experienced. That's the biggest part of him that I covet: his ability to put in the work to know for himself. I need to do that more.

"It is amazing to see the hand of the Lord in the work. He has truly laid the path and we are following. The mission is great. It really is. I am so glad that I decided to serve. It is amazing what the world does to people. Their thoughts and ideas only focus on things of the world and not anything more. What the world doesn’t know is that we have a potential that is celestial. We are of a divine lineage. We one day can be divine. I hope all this doesn’t sound just weird or like sci-fi because before the mission I probably would have just let this go in one ear and out the other but hopefully for whoever reads this meditates for a minute on this. Keep the future in mind. Don’t just get lost in the day-to-day rat race. Be the cat and be one step ahead."

His silly analogy next to heartfelt concern for the world represent him perfectly.

Boys, this is the kind of missionary you should be.

Girls, this is the kind of man you deserve to marry.



I want to be good at blogging. I want to have a cute blog. I want to have meaningful things to say. So I'm going to try (however, probably no insightful nor cute things will be mentioned in this post).

This summer will consist of me:

1. Working at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum
2. Living in King Henry Apartments with Hil and Abby
3. Spending every Saturday at Seven Peaks Water Park
4. Training for a half marathon on July 30th.
5. (insert something worthwhile here)

I'm looking for something to work through, a project for the summer. Whether it be reading a whole series of books, cooking my way through a cook book, visiting all the coolest places in Utah, documenting and compiling all the hilarious date stories I've had in my lifetime, etc. But I don't know where to start. Without Noteworthy this summer it's time to find my identity. If you have any project ideas please don't hesitate to let me know!

Happy re-blogging and Easter!