It never felt so good to be widsom-less.

Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth out. All 4, impacted. I was nervous going into to surgical room, as one should be. They hooked me up to a heart monitor which beeped everytime my heart thumped, which gave my nervousness away because a new doctor came in and i heard the monitor's beeps speed up.


Here is the nervous patient in Fig 1.1

After the heart monitor hook-up, they gave the laughing gas, which made me feel all tingly and I didn't like it at all. It also freaked me out because I thought they may have forgotten that I was supposed to be under general anesthesia. But soon they were making me pump my fist to find the vein to insert the magic juice into. As soon as the needled pierced my skin I could feel me starting to get really light. Afraid about floating up and hitting the ceiling, I closed my eyes and woke up in a different room. The nurse was there talking to my mom, and there was gauze stuffed in my mouth. Thank heaven for magic juice.

When I got home I found ice packs to help calm down the swelling, but as you can imagine, if you even turn in the slightest they will start to reduce the swelling in your neck and chest, which isn't exactly what we need.


After discovering this, the invention of a lifetime came into my aid:


You never knew 2 gym socks tied around your head, filled with ice, deserved a thumbs-up now did you? Well this little contraption, fondly named the "Green Goblin", makes things a bit more bearable.

Ben was also over here all yesterday, watching chick flicks, feeding me ice cream and refilling my ice packs, being my knight in shining armor. I couldn't ask for more!

Day two is upon us now, we'll see what it has in store!


Call Me Irresponsible

First off, I will officially accept my "Worst Blogger Ever" award. I know I don't have many readers/followers or fans, but I'm a people-pleaser so when I hear a complaint I am quick to make it right!

Secondly, I'm having a hard time with blogging. There are trendy blogs, like my roommate, darling Hilary's. There are thought-dumping/thought-provoking blogs such as Lyndsie's. There are hilarious blogs, like my best friend Ashley "Helga" Palmer's. There are also heart-touching blogs, like Stephanie's. Up to this point I feel like my blog would be known as "blah land and the little black rain cloud" and I really don't want that to be what it is. I'm not an eloquent writer, but I feel like I could grow and learn a lot from keeping up around here. I guess I just need to get rid of this blogging block and embrace and inevitable.

Third, I'm in love so that may be another reason why I can't seem to make sense of anything, in the real world or cyber space.

Fourth, I get my wisdom cut out of my mouth come Monday morn. Pray for me all you freedom lovers and gauze haters!