College Collage

A few highlights from BYU Freshman year 2009-2010:

Cory and Sam....they're against the honor code.

First, we got tattoos together....
Then we drank together.....

Then we dyed our hair blue together! On the straight and narrow I do say! haha

Exercising our love for "The Bean" by volunteering to be in March's date-night Murder Mystery dinner!

Harry Harry Potta!


Tucanoes with the "4th roomate"--John Patrick Croskrey

Discovered my motherly instincts through caring for my roomies, as shown here.

Girls, I'm so glad we got to spend this year together. i love you guys!


Alright. Enough negative Nelly for me. a few things have gone VERY right in the last little bit. Let me expand.

1. I finished all my finals with a day to spare!

2. I had a great slumber party in our front room with Lair

3. I successfully avoided the creepy mailman today, that continues to ask me out every MW&F without fail.

4. Took myself out on a date to celebrate my freshman year at college last night. Complete with Dinner (Panda), Dessert (Milk duds & Andes Mints, along with fortune cookie from afore-mentioned dinner) and Movie (Princess and the Frog. DARLING)

5. I am pretty sure that I have learned enough about myself and what I need to function and how I like things to be done to last me a lifetime. What a great growing experience college has been!

6. I FINALLY know what my little quirks are!

-I can live off of oatmeal, peanut butter toast and BBQ chips.
-I can't sleep when I'm not in my bed
-I love having natural light in my apartment
-The gym is a secret sanctuary
-I'm an emotional eater (boo on this one)
-I'm a goal-setter. It keeps me going
-Texting someone all throughout the day is bliss for me.

First year of college is over, and looking back, it was pretty dang successful to me! On to the summer adventures.

p.s: Ok, I shouldn't say the mailman is creepy, although every time I log onto F-Book he somehow is logged on to chat and will just strike up a convo! Anyways, he just isn't getting the picture that I don't want to go out with him. It may be time to take drastic measures (cue evil music and a fake boyfriend).

p.p.s: I realized this morning that down the flap beside the zipper on the inside of my pants it reads (going parallel to the zipper)," Lucky You." I'll be sure to wear these on my honeymoon so that the people at Buckle can actually have use for their subliminal messaging. Future husband: please take notice of my zipper on my sky blue cargo pants. Thanks.



.4 more finals to complete.

.having an important texting conversation and the other individual not texting me back.

.feeling used.


.not breaking 100 when bowling.

.realizing that i have to say goodbye to everyone i've met here at college, some to
never see again.

.not being able to go to sleep because i'm feeling so frustrated.

.missing best friend.

.$2.47 in my checking account.

.wanting to cry, scream and sob til i can't breath, but can't seem to get it to come out.

.realizing maybe everyone doesn't really feel the way they tell you they feel. that's the closer.


Great things...

Here are just a few things i really have learned to love in the last bit:

1. Driving down State Street in Pleasant Grove on the first Saturday in April around 9:00 (after priesthood) and looking into Taco Amigo to see a flood of white shirts with priesthood-holders inside them, filling their temporal bellies with all that is taco goodness.

2. BYU zoobie-ness. only here would we cheer, hoot and holler about being voted the most "stone-cold sober school in america." i love that.

3. I've been a little upset about the bi-polarness of good old mother nature lately, for instance today when i woke up there was about an inch of snow powdering the ground, i stormed out into the front room where my dear hilary was snoozing, rudely yanked open the blinds, and simply pointed and stomped my foot at that disgusting sight. But, nevertheless by 1 o clock this afternoon it was warm enough to only wear a light jacket. I liked that. the worst turned into the best.

4. The Bean. i love my job. I work at the Bean Life Science Museum. I am a secretary to the president/head/dean of everything that goes down here. he is the nicest guy. i get to be independent while still working closely with awesome people. i'm learning new super cool secretarial skills while also hanging out with my peeps. yeah baby.

5. having my nails done. i have ugly fingers. they appear to be swollen even when they're not, but when i have these great extensions on the tips of them they make me feel like i'm always dressed up. Not to mention the strange affect they seem to have to the male gender. I've never had so many guys leaning forward when they're sitting next to me as i have when they know i have acrylic wonders on my lame sausages.

6. feeling like someone actually wants me around. now that's the greatest.