Wrap-up of my very first college semester

Well people, it is about the weirdest thing I think i've ever said, but my first semester in college is coming to a close. I know. I am officially a grown-up crazy college freshman girl (well as crazy as you can get at BYU). I just wanted to post a little list of things that have been the best, the worst and had the most impact on my life since i've been here in this marvelous place.

1. My roomies.
I have posted about them a bunch, but really, they are the reason why my college experience has been what it has. The way we came to live with each other was a little crazy, but in the end it all worked out.
Lyndsie--(louise, mimsey, sleepy mama): the most sympathetic and caring person i know. She has her heart in the right place all the time. You can tell she loves the church and has her values first and foremost in her mind. She is my other half when it comes to tickle fights and singing and dancing around. She is so strong. She has very hard things in her life to deal with, but she still goes about with a pleasant look on her face. She has these blue eyes that pierce through you and you know she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Hilary--(lil hairy norton, lair, Indie spice): she is the independent one. Hil knows what she wants and there is no way you can stop her. She is brave and very intelligent in that little 5 foot body of hers. She sets trends and is beautiful in the way she accepts others. She loves her family. She also is very unselfish in the way she takes care of others. mostly me. She will give you a little treat or a note or something just to let you know she appreciates you. She is small, she knows, but wherever she goes the grass grows greener still.

2. Moving out
Moving out has probably had the most impact on my life so far. Living on your own provides you with so many chances to learn things about yourself. For instance, i'm turning into my mother. I love the apartment to be clean, the counters to be wiped, but i can't seem to keep my bathroom clean which i'll have to work on.

3. Boys
Oh boys. Going to college, i knew it was going to be a new experience from being with the same person all through high school, but i had no idea it was going to be this different! When you're in high school you think that you've met all the people you'll ever meet in the world....uh...think again. Here at BYU there are 29,000 students. That is 29,000 worthy people. about half of those are males, and ANY of them will make good companions. That's the most valuable thing i've learned here. I MAKE THE CHOICE. it is my decision who I hang out with, study with, and end up with. No one can tell me who I am or who i would go together well with. it is my destiny and i will the the captain of my soul.

4. Family
I LOVE MY FAMILY! in high school, as much as i hate to admit it i was a pretty big brat to my family. I had my head and heart in the wrong place, but nothing turns your mind around about how much your family means to you, than seeing other people here who's families are not nearly the same as yours. Families that have hardships and financial difficulties. Families that fight over legitimate reasons. Not like mine. we love soccer, singing and BYU sports. We like nothing more than sitting down on christmas day and watching 5 of the brand new movies that we've just gotten and then playing silly games that we make up. I love those guys. nothings better than just hanging out with the family. feeling like a little girl again, and knowing that i get to be with them forever.

5. My FHE family.
Now, I know that this may not seem like such a life-changing thing to people at first, but for me, here, it was. I am the "Mom" of our FHE family. At first I thought it was gonna be a good way to hook up with my husband.....but that was definitely not the case. He's a good guy. Awkward, but good, but totally not my type. Anyways, i'm in charge of planning all the activities for our family, getting everyone there, and making assignments. Our group is made up of 4 apartments. 2 of boys and 2 of girls. Tara, Karrie and Kamry are the sweet girls, Patrick, Johnathan and Ricky are the random mix-up of boys and then there's Josh, Jacob and Junior. The last group of boys is a handicapped apartment. Josh was hit by a car on his motorcycle after his mission, Junior was born with physical handicaps, and Jacob takes care of them. The person that's made me take the biggest step back and look at the big picture is Junior. Junior is a 27 year old and has Muscular Distrophy. He doesn't have full use of all his limbs or even control over his neck sometimes, but he's here and he's going to college.
The biggest reason Junior has impacted me is that he is so happy and still loves life, even in the circumstances he's in. Same with Josh. These men were once regular people living life as it should be lived, and then their lives turned, but their attitudes didn't. They have given me so many opportunities to look around and be grateful for the little things. Like walking on my own, feeding myself and having people actually understand me on the first try. They are amazing people and I am so glad to have met them and have them in my life.

Well, that's about it! I'm a day away from going home to spend the holidays with my family, and I can hardly wait! Hope your holidays are great. Remember the reason for the season. :) toodles.


Freshman Freakout

Well here we are, October 21, 2009. And I am officaially SUCKING at college. I have failed 4/6 of the tests I have taken, I feel like I am gaining haneous amounts of weight, I am not sleeping, and I feel like I've betrayed someone I really care about. I wish I could just press pause and get things back to normal. I made stupid mistakes, but I don't wanna be held accountable for them anymore!! I don't know how to handle them. A bunch of my friends are leaving on their missions so I go to a farewell every week, so I miss my own ward. I feel like I don't know anyone besides my roommates and the boys that come over to flirt. Most of the time when I'm not in the mood to have them over. I don't know what to do. I feel like I cry around 3 times a day over stupid things, like someone looking at me weird!! The worst part of it all is that i know exactly what i need to do....i just don't have time!!! Ugh. I hate college. toodles.


Weekend with my Best Friend!

Here we are again, you reading and me blabbing. haha I kind of think of this as a little bit of a diary for me. it is WAY easier to type a bunch of stuff especially when i'm at school all the time. Of course, it won't be as private as my diary, but it will give me a good way to write down all of the stuff i have done and am doing. Let's get this show on the road!!
Dixie State College
This weekend i went down with a bunch of my new BYU friends to Dixie to visit my best friend in the whole entire universe, Jacee Lynn Hardman. We left at 6 on Friday and got down there at about 10. Jacee had told me we were going to a toga party hosted by a bunch of their other friends so when i got there it was greek mania! All the girl were getting all dressed up in their togas and putting on whatever gold they could find. I got there and was rushed into getting ready also. I was excited to go because we never really have randomly themed parties at BYU! I didn't really realise what i was getting myself into until i actually got to the party. There were about 150 people crammed into a 20x10ft space with music blaring and togas flaring. it was NOTHING like byu thats for sure. ahah but it was still a dance party so we had a lot of fun! there were a lot of drunk people all around which was weird cuz i'm never really around that kind of stuff here. The party was fun, but it wasn't what i was used to and i felt QUITE out of place. It was really good to just spend time with Jace though. I realize how much i DO miss her. well ttfn. Toodles!


Yes, i am still alive. :)

Well, I've realized a few different things in the last couple of weeks:

1. I SUCK at blogging. haha
I have my facebook account that I always update pictures on and keep up with people on, but i realized that I don't exactly tell any stories or funny things that happened to me on there, so i swear to be better.

2. i absolutely LOVE living on my own.
I live in Wyview apartments here at BYU with my 2 adorable roommates hilary norton and lyndsie jones. I'm so glad that we decided to room together because we all just kinda click in our own weird ways and we do EVERYTHING together. We know all the same people and just do everything except for shower together (sometimes) :)

3. i am a different person than i was even 1 month ago.
Living here, being here, making all my own decisions, doing (or not doing) my homework, having a calling, having a REAL job and prioritizing my time has made me take a step back and look at myself and realize that i am my own person. Everything that happens and that i do relies on me and what i choose to do in a situation. Its a strange sense of excitement mixed with a dose of anxiety, but it urges me onward. Hello, just call me Arostotle. haha but seriously I feel like adulthood was just kinda thrust upon me and i do have to say i have been handling it well. I've had a few trip ups here and there but i think i'm going to be able to do this whole adulthood thing just fine.

4. i miss my room
i went home today for the first time in about 2 weeks and spent some much needed family time. My family and i have always been pretty close, but during my senior year of high school i got very distanced from them. i was never home thanks to drill, chamber choir, calculus and my boyfriend. But moving out has almost made me closer to them. i miss them now and want to come home more often just to hang out with them! anyways i went home and took a nap in my bed at home and i wasn't sure if i was ever coming back to my apartment. haha there is just something so comforting about being around something packed with so many memories that just attracts you and traps you. I missed the waffle pattern on my bed spread. I missed the panicked eating at dinner, i missed my grandma with her red sparkly hair, i missed my little brother and sister who are living in the center of my parents world, i missed my mom and her funny comments when she tries to fill silence and put things into my mouth when i sleep with it open. I missed my dad with his funny, yet serious presence in the house. and last but not least, i missed my clanky fan that provides the much needed white noise so that i can sleep peacefully.

5. i will always have feelings for him.
No matter how hard i try, or how much my brain and everyone else says i'm crazy, i will always feel some sort of connection to him. An attraction that i can't explain or decipher. and i don't mind it.

i think i'm getting a hold of this blogging thing. :) toodles


Hello blogging world!

Here we are!
High school is over, I have officially gotten my class schedule for college and my mom is ALREADY making me pack up all my stuff to get outta here--a month early I might add. Life is coming on fast and I can't help but wonder....what will it bring? Some great memories I know, but my biggest fear is that my impact, or my memories with others, will somehow be erased when I move on. Now, i know it doesn't exactly work like that...but it still does scare me! And yet, here I am. fretting over the unknown. Starting my new life doing something i never thought i'd do....spilling my soul on the internet to no one in particular. hahah life is so ironic it kills me. But stay tuned for what i'm sure will be a great new adventure. :) toodles!